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How does it work ?

Transcribing an unsworn statement

Easily redact sensitive info in transcript & the media

Just select a portion of the transcript, press the redact button and it will be redacted from both the transcript as well as the media

Redacting a Transcript


  Pay As You Go Legal Plan
Cost $0.4 per minute $79.99
Free Hours with the plan - 4 hours
Effective Cost per hour $24 $20
Turn around Time for 1 hour file Time required for Spext to process the automatic transcript. You can start editing immediately after. 10 minute 5 min
Export as PDF Exported PDF is formatted as per recommended legal standards - line numbers, border etc. (Sample)
Redacted Audio Highlight a portion of the transcript and that portion will be muted in the audio.
Redacted Video Highlight a portion of the transcript and that portion will be blacked out in the video.
Audio Editing Features    
Audio Editor Cut silence, word fillers like "ums", "like" etc by deleting the transcript, not the waveforms.
Audio Leveling & Noise Reduction Balances different speakers speaking volume for broadcast quality sound & One click filter to reduce background noise.
Export as MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG

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